Our apartment cleaning service allows you to market your property with a unique promotional spin. Instead of the traditional one month free rent or newest electronics—stand out from your competitor by offering your potential tenants free cleaning services.

How it Works

FOG partners with apartment communities and landlords to help them obtain and retain renters. Our “new renters” program gives you peace of my mind by ensuring your property is getting the extra care it deserves. It’s also a powerful incentive for current tenants to renew their lease. Our simple, four-step process makes scheduling a cinch, allowing you to continue manage your property with efficiency.

Step 1: A new or current resident signs a lease.
Step 2: Log into your FOG account or contact us directly to provide us with the resident’s information.
Step 3: We’ll contact the resident via email and send them the link to download our FOG Express app. With the app, the resident can create a cleaning schedule that fits their needs.
Step 4: We’ll send you a monthly invoice and provide you with the number of cleanings the resident has left.

Packages and Pricing
Each of our apartment cleaning packages start at $25.00. The a la carte cleaning option means you’ll only pay for services beneficial for your property. This prevents you from paying exorbitant fees associated with typical cleaning packages. Offering your new residents free cleanings will encourage your tenants to remain a vital part of your community, as well as, ensuring the care of your property. For more information, contact us today.